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The problems which plague Nigeria today are;

  • How to take care of growing millions of people/world poverty capital.
  • How to preserve the health of industry.
  • How to tackle obsolescence in the process of development.
  • How to keep peace and security and stability in the midst of increasing political turmoil.
  • How to manage well in the new frenzy of competition for scarce resources.
  • How to reconcile the sharpening ethnic, communal and militants conflicts.
  • How to bring about scientific approach as against superstition. Human development should be result oriented.
  • How to remove inertia and complacency to achievements in life, and the last but not the least
  • How to create an individual who can pierce the veil of illusion.

The country cannot hope to make the present more manageable, stable and harmonious than the past. Nigerians must embrace simple living and high thinking. As it is today, the sky has darkened over Nigeria’s and Africa’s development. Nigeria and Nigerians must immediately continue to reform, deregulate, liberalize and modernize.