• To ensure that every policy of any organisation or government is well thought-out, we must eliminate policy summersault.
  • To ensure that Nigerians, Nigerian Organisations, Nigeria and Africa must think global and act local. Foreigners cannot develop our country for us and that is why they come in through equity and whenever they pull out we are always in a mess.
  • To reverse the painful “Yoke” of De-industrialization that have enveloped African Countries.
  • To encourage the Nigerianess of Nigerian management or the Africaness of African management.
  • To leverage on technology through innovation to ensure sustainable development and ensure that responsible technology is galvanized.
  • To underscore the relevance of faith and spirituality in Business and governance and development.
  • To ensure that the “Neglected Stone” (Human Resource) becomes the “Corner Stone” which will lead to social and mental capital and avoid undue reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • The Institutes will build people as well as institutions.
  • To ensure all round development of the individual and help people of all categories creates jobs (entrepreneurs) and find jobs.
  • Help organization to have planned and deliberate change interventions in order to do away with old and ineffective method of doing things, to bring about corporate revival, growth and transformation and also help organizations recruit intelligent, smart, tough people who can help to solve problems.
  • To help ensure that Nigeria develops on all the fronts: Business, Economics, Political, Social, Technological, Environment e.t.c.